I’ve built several projects over the years, and each one was a labor of love and an educational opportunity. While some of the projects were profitable, others were meant to provide a social benefit to others. All of the applications allowed me to validate my own ability to understand how a software application moves from a concept to production. I was able to learn an area of a business that weren’t available to me as a programmer, such as legal, marketing, hosting, management of contractors, technical writing, SaaS integration, PaaS  and server administration, security, database modeling, programming on the UI and mid-tier, as well as testing and design. Below are all of the projects I’ve delivered:

Big Projects

Big Projects, defined as any project requiring an investment over $10,000 and two or more years of development.

Project #1:

Overview helps job seekers optimize their resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems.

Years of active development: 2016-present
Platform: AWS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Angular 5, Material 2, Bootstrap 4, Java, Typescript, GATE AI

Project #2: Work n Perk


Work n Perk used Behavioral Science to help individuals improve their Emotional IQ and subsequently, to build trust with coworkers.

Years of active development: 2012-2015
Platform: Java, Google App Engine, GWT, oAuth, Google Datastore (HRD), JDO, Bootstrap

Crunchbase Profile:

Note: Work n Perk was a dedicated Start-up (pictures available on my LinkedIn page)

Project #3:  Go Events Go!


Go Events Go was an event promotions service that helped companies to promote their event, process ticket sales, and facilitate event registration. I spent three years working on Go Events Go! and made it to discussions about seed funding.

Years of active development: 2005-2009
Platform: Adobe Flex, HTML, Ajax, ColdFusion, MySQL, Dell Blade Edge Server (self administered)

Crunchbase Profile:

Note: Go Events Go! was a dedicated Start-up with a $35,000 investment


Other Side Projects

Below are a list of other applications I’ve built. These are smaller applications that didn’t sit under any of my company umbrellas and had insignificant development costs.

Project #4  KnackedUp


KnackedUp allowed people to trade 8 hours of work for a recommendation on LinkedIn or constructive feedback.

Years of active development: 2014-2014
Platform: Java, Google App Engine, AngularJS 1.x, oAuth, Google Datastore (HRD), JDO, Bootstrap

Project #5 Rate-Exchange


Rate-Exchange provided currency exchange rate software, but was monetized using a funnel to quality articles and courses on Forex Trading. Our affiliate system for Forex Traders helped drive a healthy profit.

Years of active development: 2005-2006
Platform: Javascript, MS SQL, ColdFusion, XML

Project #6  WeLikeEvents


WeLikeEvents allowed runners, cyclists and walkers to find and share group events.

Years of active development: 2004-2005
Platform: Actionscript, Flash, MS SQL, ColdFusion, AMF

Project #7  ClubRides


Clubrides allowed cyclists to find other cyclists to bike within their geographical area.

Years of active development: 2002-2002
Platform: Actionscript, Flash, MS SQL, ColdFusion, AMF

Client Projects

Client projects are viewable on my LinkedIn page.