About Me

Academic Roots

In 2000, David graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Always fond of everything automotive and mechanical, he had planned on studying Transportation Design after graduating. He signed up for preparatory classes at the Art Center College of Design, and prepared to travel to Los Angeles, California. While en-route to Los Angeles, David received a phone call from the College letting him know the preparatory classes he had signed-up to attend had been cancelled due to a lack of enrollment. Not to be left idle, David signed up for an introductory course to programming.

After the semester, David asked the professor of the class if he could take, private weekly lessons, and spent the next semester studying programming through a mix of tutoring, classes, trips to the Barnes and Noble Coffee shop for excessive amounts of Iced Coffee, and began using the school’s computer lab at night; the only time when computers “powerful enough” for development were available.

Living & Working in San Diego

After several semesters of study, David found a position writing software manuals for a company in San Diego, California. He spent his free time cycling with the San Diego Bicycle Club, and continued to study programming, eventually helping the company’s instructors to develop their interactive training material. Then, one afternoon in the Summer of 2001, while contemplating if he really wanted to establish a career as a Technical Writer instead of a Programmer, David received a phone call from his landlord. While the tenant upstairs was moving, he mistakenly hung his clothes from a sprinkler system nozzle, causing the nozzle to break, and flooding the bottom floor apartment. Free from his lease and sensing opportunity, David resigned from his job and flew to Paris, France, to think about his future.

Learning Programming

After returning Stateside, David moved to Knoxville, TN, to pursue his studies in programming. He began cycling by day  and working as a part-time waiter in the evenings. He read programming APIs at the local Library, contributed to a programming forum, attended programming conferences, and subsisted mostly on credit. Then, one day, Unable to find a bicycle club to ride with in Knoxville, TN, David started building a web-application that allowed cyclists to share and manage bicycle rides. He worked day and night to develop the project, which included client-side, server side, and database development. To ensure he was keeping up with the times: a Flash introduction, complete with a “Skip Intro” button, was included.

Shortly after the bicycle-club application launched, David received a job offer from a company in Reno, Nevada, impressed with the quality of the product. David moved to Reno and quickly began building online promotional games, hiring and working with an online community of friends he had established. He became a moderator of the programming forum he had contributed toward, and the game he had worked on, launched a year later.


Since then, David has worked with a variety of companies, including IHG, MFG, Fidelity, HBO, and Vanguard. He spent 3 years developing a start-up as the Principal Software Engineer called Go Events Go!. In 2014, he developed a second start-up called Work n Perk, helping companies measure skills, capabilities, and helping employees to explore new areas of interest through challenges.

His experience includes work as a Certified Flex Developer and Full-Stack development, with languages and frameworks such as Java, GWT  and Angular.


In 2010, while working a contract in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, David met Jami Krause, a Physician Assistant and avid runner. David currently lives in Lititz, Pennsylvania, with his wife and two kids and works as a consultant in the Aerospace/Defense Industry.